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The most precious little garments you've ever seen!!

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MIRACLES Born for the passion, knowledge and expertise that we've gained over 14 years dedicated specialized to the children. Always with our vision to dress children beautifully, classic luxury children's apparel that it's best known for its quality, style and traditional craftsmanship using hand embroidery and the finest and softest fabrics. Believing in the legacy of tradition and offering heirloom apparel worthy of all your children's specials moments. Combining with other quality products meticulously chosen with the highest quality materials and recognized brands with variety of categories to choose from little detail, accesories, gifts and school essencials.

Since outstanding customer service is our top priority to further mark our differentiation, all the gifts are delivered to our customers beautifully wrapped with much love.

The Tale of The Miracles

      With a Bacteriologist Parasitology Chemist Bachelor Degree and a Diplomat in Environment Control, I went to Ann Arbor Michigan to study English to fulfill a job offer in Mexico and I needed to have a 100% conversation level in English. I think that this is a good starting point or at least a very important moment in my career which led me to a chain of events that ended where I am now at Statesboro, GA 20 years later.

I have always been passionate about helping and interacting with people around me.

As far as I remember I always have loved to make people happy, to see their happy faces and that’s why always I loved sales. When people get a service or good they are happy and grateful. Since childhood I always sold something: the sweets that were not in school, the stickers that my parents bought me when traveling to El Paso, Tx, I enjoyed to see my friend's faces when I offered them little things that they could not find in our city.

My dad had a hardware store and I loved being there attending customers. Later, my first official job with 16 years old, was in a pharmacy chain called “La miniatura”. Honestly the experience working there has been present all my life. Everything was a learning experience and also I learned what the responsibility is about: getting to the job on time, getting things done, having a boss!, etc. However, my priority was always my career. My parents always encouraged me to be focus on my studies because that was a very important tool for my life.

Interestingly,  I was passionate about a wide number of  unconnected things (apparently): Fitness, Science, Sales, Folk Dance, Yoga, Spirituality, Contemporary Dancing, Run Way Fashion, Modeling, Beauty Contest, to name a few. When I heard and understood the term “multi-passionate” … I realized that my unusual combination of interest and skills was a strength and not a weakness. So just in that moment, I got it!

I realized that I had done so many different things in my life and I loved every one of them, earned a lot of experience, but I focused in one at the time. When I was in college, I was also selling real state , I taught Aerobic Step, aquaerobics at YMCA and in others gyms. I was certified as Instructor and Sports Training Coach by differents fitness institutions and by the Faculty of Physical Education at the University.

I started dreaming about having my own gym, my plan was to work for some years in the field as a scientist  and then to open my own gym. I love my career as much as aerobics, fitness… For me they are the perfect combination. I would have my gym on my own way as I had always dreamed of and the same time I would have the formal knowledge and experience to serve customers in a unique way.

But everything changed… How?

During my diplomate, I got a very tempting job offer in another city but it required 100% level in English conversation. Then I decided to go to Michigan where I had a friend. I started studying English, Ann Arbor is just great!!, everything was going great … I even met my future husband in Michigan and after dating for few months he proposed me, so…. I said yes. Somehow I knew everything was going to change for ever!!

Life is about decisions!

We got married and lived in Michigan several years until my husband was transferred due to his work to Venezuela. After getting pregnant I wanted to be a dedicated mom and realized that I wouldn’t make sense to hire a person to take care of them while I was at work.

By having my children all my priorities changed and my dreams also changed. Being in a completely different country, another culture, another food. I realized so many things that were needed as a mother… Therefore, in addition to all the skills and experiences accumulated … I added motherhood and that’s how I acquired my first business in 2006 a franchise called “Baby Security”. The following year I opened Roxes in 2007 and later in 2008 I started a second store under my own concept called “Chiquitos”.

Our three business were at the best those years until 2014. My husband and I had plans to continue expanding the businesses but things changed again!. Venezuela got into political, social and economic problems and we were forced to leave eventually the country. We kept the business from oversea for few years but at the end we decided to close and start all over in Miami, USA.

Due to a job opportunity for my husband, we decided to move from Miami to Statesboro and thus give birth to our Georgian “Miracle”…  keeping the essence of all my experience, service oriented, with my preferred brands, and my gratitude with life for being here and ready to reinvent and start all over again!

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